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Founded in 1997 Titan Elevators has remained an entirely private and independent company based in Sidcup, Kent.

Like many independent lift companies operating in our region, Titan Elevators initially worked as a subcontractor to the industry undertaking modernisation and upgrade work. As our reputation for quality and reliability spread we began to receive calls from end user customers asking us to undertake maintenance services for them.

Understanding the importance of this we refocused our activity and started providing a lift repair, modernisation and maintenance service. Very quickly we were approached by a range of customers who had experience with us and were looking for a greater level of personal service than communally available in the industry. Our reputation and portfolio grew and we were soon being asked to provide new lifts and maintain escalators by those customers who had experienced our services.

In 2012 we moved to the commercial premises we are currently in having spent £1.5m on a refurbishment project to make it an enjoyable place to work and for customers to visit.

The company has always held competent engineering and adherence to standards core to our ethos and in 2013 LEIA (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) appointed David Warr as their new President for a term of two years.

We have always focused on communication and continuity of service that, we believe, gives us the edge over our competitors. Our dedicated and loyal staff are well known as problem solvers among our established clients and we have a long history of impressive work that ranges from single low rise installations, situated in residential premises, to multiple groups of high speed, high rise lifts operating in premium commercial buildings.