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Energy Efficient Lifts for a Greener UK

Energy Efficient Lifts for a Greener UK

Energy Efficient Lifts for a Greener UK

  • On 11th November 2019

Over the last few years, most lift companies across the UK have fully prioritised and incorporated energy efficiency in their products and services to further support the concept of environmental sustainability.

So, how has this changed the lift industry? Well firstly, the availability of energy-efficient methods of powering a lift has improved and the UK lift companies now have access to regenerative drive systems, efficient hydraulic systems, low energy lighting and many more solutions. This, in turn, has given the UK a positive reputation for utilising lift control technology that is both reliable and approved by original lift manufacturers who offer long term technical support for their range of lift products.

Providing environmentally friendly lift technology also saves running costs and suits all budgets whether a customer is replacing, installing or modernising a lift.

As the UK switches the focus on becoming an energy-efficient country and striving to beat climate change along with the effect it has on our environment, it has become increasingly crucial to provide high-quality and energy-saving lifts that functions just as well as the alternative options.

To contribute to growing energy efficiency demand, Titan can deliver and advise green lift solutions for a range of built environments, as a direct result of expertise in the supply of new lifts and modernisation of existing equipment.