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How to prepare your lift for the summer with Titan Elevators

How to prepare your lift for the summer with Titan Elevators

  • On 25th June 2020

Virtually all kinds of mechanical and electrical machines, especially lifts, can be negatively affected by the changes in weather and with the warm weather and a potential heatwave on its way, Titan Elevators would like to ensure that all our customers’ lifts are not only prepared but continue to be fully functional throughout the summer months.

Here are a couple of key lift factors for hot weather to be aware of:

Your lift motor room temperature

Particularly in strong heat, the temperature of your lift motor room is a factor to always keep an eye on, as it is essential in ensuring that your lift machinery is functioning at the level expected.

Oil is also known to be a temperature-sensitive component

It is important to check that oil used to operate a lift, specifically a hydraulic lift, is at a moderate temperature because hot oil can cause problems that would affect the reliability of the lift.

Fight back against the heatwave with preventative maintenance provided by Titan.

Learn more about our lift maintenance services and get in touch with us today to ensure your lift(s) continued to run smoothly for the rest of the summer.