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Improved visual identity

Improved visual identity

  • On 13th February 2017

During 2016 Titan Elevators commissioned a Marketing and Design Agency to review our visual identity which included our internet presence. During the process we were shown several imaginative and innovative proposals along with design suggestions for further development of our then exiting identity.  Subsequently along with our Board of Directors the decision was made for us to progress with an evolved identity and a refresh rather than an entirely new style.

Our agency selected a new cleaner and modern type face with the business descriptor below a revised lozenge style graphic. Examples of how our new identity would be used on vehicle livery, stationary, work wear, signage and a range of products including lift car operating panels.

We hope, like us, all who see our new logo and how it appears will be impressed with the results.

Peter Fillery
Sales Director
Titan Elevators Ltd