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Modern Lift Designs: Why do they matter?

Modern Lift Designs: Why do they matter?

Modern Lift Designs: Why do they matter?

  • On 25th February 2020

Throughout the decades, the idea of aestheticism has evolved within the lift industry and has become highly valuable when it comes to the design stages of new and modern lifts. So, why does this matter?

Picking the right modern lift design not only harmonises with, enhances and supports the look of a property whether it is a hotel, residential block or office building, but it also allows for property and facility managers to set a positive first impression for new visitors while making a strong style statement from afar.

In addition to aesthetics, a modern lift design can also offer advanced functionality and style elements. Here are a few examples:

  • Innovative lift technology – making lifts more space-efficient, energy-efficient and easier to install.
  • LED Lights – delivering a good level of lighting in a lift and saves energy.
  • Bespoke Lift Cars – with a broad variety of styles i.e. glass and marble, and different colours to choose from.

At Titan, our established lift design experts will take the time to understand our customers’ special project requirements whether the project is for a new or modernised lift.