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Home & Public Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are ideal for home, public or commercial environments. Typically, they are easy to install and, in many cases, only requires limited building work. As a result, they are significantly less expensive than a traditional traction or hydraulic lift.

With the 2020 acquisition of Titan Elevators by Cibes Lift Group, we are now able to include the full range of Cibes platform and cabin lifts in our joint product portfolio. Cibes lifts are renowned for their quality, durability and style. They are manufactured in Gävle, Sweden and arrive to site pre-constructed in a modular form, to provide smooth and easy installation.

The Cibes lift range includes:

  • Cibes B3000 – an open-style platform lift suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Cibes A4000 – a vertical enclosed platform lift home for internal use max 13 m travel (300kg)
  • Cibes A5000 – a vertical enclosed platform lift for residential, commercial and public environments max 13 m travel (400/500kg)
  • Cibes A8000 – a vertical enclosed internal goods/passenger platform lift max 13 m travel (1000 kg)
  • Cibes C1 Pure – a passenger cabin lift for internal use max 15 m travel (400/630 kg)
  • Cibes Air ® – a vertical enclosed platform lift home for internal offering 11 different platform sizes max 13 m travel (300/400/500 kg)
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