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Cibes A8000 Goods Lift

The Cibes A8000 is the largest and most powerful model in the Cibes Lift UK range, and the perfect solution for the transportation of heavy loads between floors. Flexible and robust, it can travel up to a maximum height of 13 m, with up to six landing doors on any of the three non-machine sides. Suitable for use on commercial buildings, sports arenas, factories, warehouses and restaurants, due to its versatility. This multi-function 1000 kg goods and passenger lift provides customers with options for three platform sizes, starting at 1105×2180 mm. 

Unlike conventional goods lifts, the A8000 does not require an existing or newly constructed lift shaft as its prefabricated lift shaft arrives ready to install. With a headroom of no more than 2300 mm (top height 2250 mm) and a pit depth of only 130 mm, the A8000 can be installed without the need for major structural adaptations.

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A8000 Features

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Hard-wearing floor

The aluminium checker plate used in the design is both sturdy and resistant making it the perfect floor choice for any goods lift.

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Raised platform edges

Raised platform edges will protect the shaft walls against damage from trolleys and pallet-trucks.

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Kick-plates in stainless steel

Kick-plates in stainless steel will protect the doors of your goods lift from dents and scratches.

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Flexible Access

Flexible and robust, it can travel up to a maximum height of 13 m with up to 6 landing doors on any of the 3 non-machine sides.

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