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Public Passenger Lifts


At some point we have all travelled in lifts and on escalators in public environments and therefore realise the essential need for reliability. Public passenger lifts and escalators also have to be robust and able to withstand the heavy duty usage experienced in this sector.

Lift Maintenance for your Public Lift

Apart from their robust nature, equipment in the public sector is well known for its need for regular and thorough maintenance to ensure safety standards are always maintained and that the equipment always functions as it should when needed. We work with all of our clients to ensure compliance to all regularity requirements is maintained.

We work in environments with multiple lifts, typical of this are universities and their campuses. In some cases, where required, Titan Elevators will base an engineer or engineers on site together with a buffer stock of essential service replacement parts to assist with equipment failure that may affect the smooth movement of passengers in and around the facility.

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