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Titan Elevators respects the difficult environments we are often expected to work in, be it a busy retail premises or a residential home. We do our utmost to reduce the environmental impact any lift work causes, from disruption to noise, inconvenience and mess. We endeavour to work quickly and efficiently and will keep the customer fully informed on all matters throughout the process. We are committed to saving energy and being environmentally friendly and are keen to work on improving a building’s green credentials. By keeping a close eye on new technologies and products we are fully informed and have yours and the environment’s interests at heart.

When negotiating with waste removal specialists to dispose of the packaging waste we generate, we will always choose the most reliable options available and we aim to send the minimum amount of waste to landfill.

Our processes are fully BS EN ISO 14001 compliant, which means we are tasked with improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and driving down costs, whenever possible, as well as maintaining our environmental performance and standards.

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