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The Importance of Hotel Lifts

The Importance of Hotel Lifts

The Importance of Hotel Lifts

  • On 23rd May 2019

Regardless of how big or small a building is, a lift will always be one of the key elements. An example of an industry that carries a heavy focus on the functionality of the lifts is the hotel industry.

Lifts within the hospitality sector can easily dominate a hotel’s reputation and customer satisfaction, sometimes more than we think.

Why? There are customers from this sector who may have approached an ‘out of order’ lift, whether in a UK hotel or one abroad, it is something that cannot be forgotten quickly on some occasions. This tends to lead to negative word-of-mouth, especially through the internet.

For all hotels, it is important to always monitor how well the lifts are performing, considering the fact that they are usually located in the heart of the lobby which is the first place that guests are introduced to.

This can be routinely assessed through maintenance visits from your lift company, adhering to the industry’s special requirements and ensuring that hotel guests receive the best transports, throughout the months and years they continue to visit.

Titan has a long-standing history of providing lift services within the hospitality sector and has undertaken modernisation and maintenance services for one of the UK’s leading hotel chains, Premier Inn. We offer a variety of maintenance contracts suitable for hotels, which can be tailored to individual locations and other special requirements.